Cyberstep Needs to Up their Game for CosmicLeague Part 1 – Reflection on CosmicBreak

CosmicLeague is a Futuristic PvP-based Third Person Shooter with Mecha and Mecha Musume developed by Cyberstep. I’ve played its prequel, CosmicBreak, ever since the first beta test of the English server (CBEN) was released and I really liked its concept however, as time went on the game was mismanaged and many players left in droves. I remember there were 6 channels and there would be over 1000 players in Channel and the hustle and bustle of the lobby while people waited to play the Arena, those were the good times I’ve had with the game but those times didn’t last. The game fell into the trap of becoming yet another Japanese F2P title with a Pay2Win business model in over 90% of anything you wanted to buy everything decided by the discretion of RNGesus. The people I used to play with disappeared and were never to be seen again, and today the server barely even reaches 150 players at any given moment. Just how could such a tragedy happen to this game? What lessons can there be learned so that CosmicLeague will succeed?

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