Composing a List is NOT the Only Way of Writing a Decent Article

These days I’m always running into lists often written by people who don’t know how to write a proper essay and instead they take the laziest and easiest approach possible – write lists. These articles have the advantage of being concise while also being dead easy to write, so that’s probably the reason why they’re so damn popular for many amateur bloggers and content creators. While they’re easy to read and write, they also come with many limitations that you want to avoid as a writer. Personally I’ve actually written them myself when I first started blogging however after reading through many of them written by others I can see that these articles are not very engaging to the reader. When writing amazing articles you want people to read, you can’t afford to take cheap shortcuts like these like all the other mere sheep in the huge flock. You have to find your voice that stands out from the crowd, and that my dear readers, is the polish your articles need to make them truly shine.

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Monthly Log Blog 3 (October 2015) – Traffic Jam, StarCraft II Career Reflection and Negativity

My friend on facebook shared a link to ahotaku39‘s articles, and I decided to have a browse because I can potentially learn something or get inspired to write better articles. I noticed that he writes a lot of opinion posts just like I do and also he’s been doing it for roughly 3 years! A lot longer than I have been writing and he’s gained a following of over 1500 likes on Facebook. I took some time to browse his content and he lays out his points very well, and his logic is very sound. So I gave him a thumbs up on Facebook and followed his blog so I could read more of his great content in the future. On a whim, I decided to leave a comment on his ‘About page’, and I really didn’t think he would share any of my content. However, he went one step beyond that and endorsed my page. Flabbergasted, I couldn’t thank him enough for the shout out because this was exactly what I needed, more people who were interested in Anime to visit my blog and potentially engage with it.

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Monthly Log Blog 1 (September 2015) – Learning to Write and Improving your Skills

Admittedly I never actually follow any other small Anime or Gaming blogs, and from now on I’m going to have a look at the bigger picture and get to know the massive community in the blogosphere. There’s one thing that I’ve noticed and don’t quite approve of is the use of “blogging challenges” to improve one’s own writing. The blogger sets a bunch of rules for themselves in order to achieve a grand goal of posting X amount of articles within X number of days, but really, does anyone stop and think about whether or not this actually helps at all?

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Getting Motivated and Learning from Danny Choo

At the SMASH! Anime Convention 2015, I decided to have a look at Danny Choo’s panels and what started as a simple curiosity for the smart dolls he manufactures to him defacing my Saturday pass and ended up with me wanting to know more about how him as a blogger. I’m just a hobby blog writer, so I simply write for fun and to share my thoughts to the world thus attending his panels were a great inspiration for me. He showed the audience the humble beginnings of his blog and how it gradually evolved into the famous blog it is today.

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