Sorarin’s Tips to Building Better Buildings in Minecraft (Part 1 – Preparation and Basics)

Among my cricle of friends who play Minecraft, I’m the most creative and artistic out of all of them. My friends could only dream of what I can build despite the fact many of the techniques and tricks I use are rather simple and straight forward. It’s actually not that difficult to learn how to build creatively in Minecraft, with a little practice, inspiration, experimenting and time, anyone can build from a decent looking house in a matter of minutes to an elaborate city within months of dedication. When building for the first time we all have to start somewhere and to get you started, I’m going to show you how I go about building my voxelated architectural wonders.

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Rants for the Zeroes of the Calm in Heroes of the Storm (Part 1 – Respect and Communication)

Heroes of the Storm is enjoyed by many, however everyday there’s always that one player who ruins your entire experience. If you’ve ever played any 1v1 competitive online game, there’s a fair number of players who really like giving others a hard time and you don’t really have to care because they’re simply your opponent. In Heroes of the Storm however, if there’s at least one player who doesn’t cooperate, the game will head straight south. Players like these don’t understand the gravity of their inappropriate behaviour and games that could’ve been possible to win simply become grinds to see how quickly your team loses. Does it really have to be that way? How can we best deal with problem childs and toxic players?

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