Love Live Rant – The Emi Nitta, A/V Controversy and the Fandom

So it’s roughly a week later from the first day of Final Love Live! concert, and a few days after I hear about people spreading rumours about Emi Nitta, the voice actress of Kousaka Honoka. It’s a fucking difficult time for us fans, many of us are still depressed about μ’s disbanding and many of us are crying over it and now we’re being told that she starred in an A/V? What the fucking shit? Are they trying to kill us?

Fuck this introduction, let’s get right into the rant. I haven’t been this livid since ages.

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Final Love Live Concert Screening in Sydney DAY 2 – AISHITERU BANZAI! 愛してるばんざーい!

After day 1, I was feeling that I would be quite left out if I didn’t attend the Day 2 screening of the Final Love Live concert, and everyone I spoke to wanted me to come as well. Not wanting to miss out on the true final moments of µ’s on stage, so I bought another ticket. Despite there being better seats in the 2nd theater, I decided it would be better if I booked a seat in the 1st theater because it would be more lively even though the seats that I can book have bad views of the screen. I walked into the theater and it was packed full of people who came to wish µ’s farewell, and I was very pleased to among these amazing fans. The hype for the beginning of the end was real, and we all didn’t want to miss out on this experience, the memories we make from this concert will last a lifetime.


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Final Love Live Concert Screening in Sydney – µ’sic Now and Forever!

Love Live! School Idol Project started off as simply animated idols and from there it became one of the most popular and successful franchises ever. I wasn’t really into idols or anything but I gave it a try because I somehow wanted to. It has a very special place in my heart as I love how µ’s makes me feel happy and cheerful even when I’m down. The Anime was fun and enjoyable, and I just adore the entire cast, as well as the Alpacas. I couldn’t make it in time for the movie screening but I did get to watch it in the encore screening. So when I heard about the Final Love Live screening at George St Event Cinemas in Sydney, I was very excited and I rushed to book the tickets as soon as I could, and I even bought a few light sticks. The actual Final Love Live concert was so popular that the server had trouble keeping up with demand, and one of the fans I spoke to missed out on getting a seat because of it but he did manage to get a ticket so all is well and ends well, right?

さあ! µ’sジックスタート!

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