Article Commissions

UPDATE: I’m not interested in writing articles for anyone else. I’ve got too much to worry about.

This page was made to deter people from asking me to write for them anyway.

IMPORTANT – Please read this before asking me to write for you.

My skillset as a writer include

  • Essay Writing with appropriate structure.

  • Critical and Analytical Thinking.

  • Using similes, metaphors and imagery to add personality to the articles.

  • Insight (Non-biased and thoughtful opinions).

  • Usage of various writing techniques, such as imagery, similes, and metaphors.

My articles should never be clickbait, offend, or lack substance because pride myself on writing good quality articles. I do not write sensationalist articles because that is the direct opposite of my goals and values. Please do note that I will not write for free or exposure.

Please send me via email if you’re interested in commissioning me to write an article for you. We will discuss pricing, content and the length of the article. Depending on the length, I will do my best to write, edit and deliver within a week of payment if the article length is under 1500 words.

Please send all requests here –