Outside of Writing – New Identity, Growing as a Person and Moving Forward into the Future

I haven’t written much as my life has gotten very busy and I’ve been working, exercising and developing my skills. As of the start of 2017, I began my journey as a Design Computing student and abandoning the Computer Science degree I had struggled so much with and did not enjoy at all. I’ve been practising more drawing, dived head first into 3D modelling, and been learning more about graphics design. Eventually this website will completely reconstructed from scratch as a portfolio and blog, but for now I’ll be running it as some sort of a random personal blog. Anime and Gaming is still a huge part of my interests so that won’t go away, I’ll still talk about it however, in a way that I feel is more original.

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Losing Yourself in the Music and Finding Yourself in its Meaning

Great music is like a universal language, you may or may not understand the lyrics but you probably will understand what it is being conveyed. The musicians pour their hearts and souls into creating and performing the songs, literally bringing the music to life. Have you ever heard a song and somehow you feel as if you can relate in a deep and meaningful way? I personally have come across a few that really gets me feeling, well, I’m not sure how to describe it exactly because it’s something of a cocktail of emotions but even this analogy doesn’t seem to come anywhere close to describing it. These are the kinds of songs that I will be discussing.

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