The Takedown Notices for Overwatch Porn are Completely Justified

Overwatch as you may know is a highly anticipated new First-Person Shooter by Blizzard Entertainment with over 9.7 million players participating in the beta. Given its popularity it comes to no surprise that Internet Rule 34 will easily come into effect, and thus there certainly will be Overwatch porn. However, what I didn’t expect was the porn derived from the characters from the game to be so popular with even many news articles posted about it by various media websites such as Kotaku. In the light of the recent DMCA takedown notices given to the porn makers from a digital company known as Irdeto USA, which is supposedly hired by Blizzard to “flush all the porn out”, there are many outcries from the about how Blizzard is restricting fan works or creative freedom etc. While I understand the sentiments of these creators, there is definitely more to these takedowns than simply “Blizzard doesn’t want you to see Overwatch porn”.

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