Love Live Rant – The Emi Nitta, A/V Controversy and the Fandom

So it’s roughly a week later from the first day of Final Love Live! concert, and a few days after I hear about people spreading rumours about Emi Nitta, the voice actress of Kousaka Honoka. It’s a fucking difficult time for us fans, many of us are still depressed about μ’s disbanding and many of us are crying over it and now we’re being told that she starred in an A/V? What the fucking shit? Are they trying to kill us?

Fuck this introduction, let’s get right into the rant. I haven’t been this livid since ages.

So the rumours about her supposed involvement in an A/V started some time on the beginning of April this year, then Tokuma Shoten’s Weekly Asahi Geinō decides to post an article about it without any actual evidence to support it. First of all let me address the elephant in the room, if Emi Nitta starred in the A/V her agency would’ve fired her as soon as they can because in Japan they value “purity” of their idols.  Now, the A/V dates back in 2008, roughly fucking 8 years ago, and if she did star in that A/V, I doubt that the production company or herself could keep a secret for that long. Another thing to consider is that the timing of the posting of the article is far too perfect since it’s the peak of Love Live! popularity, and everyone has a heightened awareness of anything related to it. Considering how precise the timing is, it seems to me that they’re just trying to maximize their reach and make some instant cash by starting a scandal. Guess what? The plan fucking worked.

The claims spread like wildfire, with many fans spreading them all over the internet. Many of them went as far as shout abuse on Emi Nitta’s twitter and destroy their own Love Live! merchandise. I can’t believe so many of us fans who I was proud to be a part of, proud to be unified with our love for the music and everything are in fact rotten eggs on the inside. I’m completely and utterly devastated not only by the claims held against the voice actress herself but by the rotten pigs dressed in human clothing and disguised as fans would betray her in an instant just because of a baseless tip-off. Destroying the merchandise and posting it on the internet? That’s far beyond where I drew the line because not only they are yelling abuse, they’re going as far as to break her heart and her passion for what she does to bring us happiness. Seriously all of these ungrateful pigs need to get the fuck out of this fandom, we don’t need their stinking asses fouling up the place and destroying the Love Live! us real fans are enjoying.

Do I believe that Emi Nitta did A/V? Hell the fuck no.

But let’s just say I’m wrong about it for a bit. Even if she did star in an A/V, no true fan would give even one, or two fucks about it. What does it matter to you if she made some porn? All that matters is that you enjoyed Love Live! and that is all you need to care about. I believe a little forgiveness would go a long way, and we have to give her credit for her brilliant work as being the voice actor of Kousaka Honoka and also lending her voice to the tonnes of Love Live! songs we just simply love to listen to. Certainly without her, Love Live! wouldn’t be what it is today, so all of you fans ought to be grateful for what she has done for us. Not to mention, it’s beyond rude to dig up someone’s past, just to try to find faults and mistakes they are trying move on from. Bringing unpleasant things about someone’s past to the table means that you clearly wishing that person to have a shitty life and condemning to never be happy with themselves. So to all of you who spread these claims as fact and those who dig controversy just because they need others to hurt just so they can feel good about their sorry selves, you are the scum of the Earth and you owe everyone, including Emi Nitta herself an honest and sincere apology.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this rant, I don’t want to ever be provoked into writing something like this ever again. It’s a very sensitive time where people are depressed about µ’s and wanting to keep the dream going a bit longer and some ingrates just had to spoil the mood for me and the true loving fans. So how can you help ease the situation? First of all, to all admins and moderators in the community, please ban all the scumbags who decide to talk shit about Emi Nitta just because of this controversy. Secondly as a fan, BE POSITIVE, right now she’s going through tonnes of shit and is hurt and crying far more than us fans are, so spreading words of encouragement and showing your support is going to hopefully keep her determination flowing. I DO NOT want to see her broken, right now in this difficult time she needs YOU, her fans to support her with everything you’ve got. I want to see her smile again, I want to see Honoka smile and above all, I want to see everyone smile!

Kousaka Honoka is one of the characters that I relate to the most and I’m very glad that Emi Nitta brought her to life. Remember the time when Honoka was depressed that she was about to give up on being an Idol? If Honoka really did give up back then, then we wouldn’t see any more Love Live. Now think of Emi Nitta in that very same situation, except with many people talking shit about her. Do people really want to force her to give up? Do people really want to lose such a great talent in the industry that badly? I certainly don’t, she is one of the reasons why I’m going to remember Love Live! as one of the best things ever. Why? Because the moments I’ve spent as a Love Live fan ARE THE GREATEST. #いまが最高

Fuck the haters, and to hell with this controversy!

えみつんまけないで!  愛してる万歳!

This has been a caffeine and rage fueled rant. Thank you for reading!

Good Luck, Fight On! ファイトだよ!!!

~Hayashi Sora (林そら)

EDIT – Please check out this post for an explanation about the matter.


2 thoughts on “Love Live Rant – The Emi Nitta, A/V Controversy and the Fandom

  1. Emitsun said to us at the final live as; “It can’t be promised, but we’d like to meet everyone again.” Just believe in her.


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