Assassination Classroom Combat Tactics In Real Life – Nekodamashi and Bloodlust

Warning – This article contains spoilers. Please proceed at your own risk.

Assassination Classroom is about a loveable yellow humanoid tentacle creature who threatens to destroy the Earth in 1 year but he also decides to become a teacher of the E class at Kunugigaoka Middle School and thus the Assassination Classroom was born. Over the course of the story we see quite a few skills used by many different assassins, and are often adopted by Shiota Nagisa, the adorable blue-haired “trap” main character. It certainly is fun to watch how these skills are applied in the story and combined with his training in assassination he is able to topple very strong foes which makes for action packed scenes. I wonder, do these tactics actually work in real life? If they do, how will they fare? Here are the two skills that caught my attention.

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The Emerging Market for Mecha Musume Plastic Models and the Possibilities of Custom-Design Figures.

Have you ever wondered how you can make your own figures? I know a friend who tried shaping everything herself with plastic clay, and I doubt she had any experience with sculpting or casting either. The end result was hours of frustration and in the end she gave up half-way because it was too difficult. I got me thinking, why can’t this be a simpler process? Given the “almost every figure is limited edition” business model in Japan, it’s hard to obtain a blank figure such as the Figma she/he archetypes to use as a template and blank Nendoroid heads are event only distributions. You could only dream that one day, there could be plastic models of anime characters however Kotobukiya has started their “Frame Arms Girls” kits and Bandai has recently released their “Super Fumina” gunpla kit which is definitely the step in the right direction.

Please do note that I do not have any experience in business or marketing. I’m only speaking with a matter of opinion so please take this with a grain of salt.

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