[Personal Milestone] Getting over my Depression and Looking Forward into the Future.

It’s interesting to see what happens to yourself at different times. Many months ago, I’ve written something to “scream in silence” because I’ve been torn down by my own life. I’ve had to deal with so much shit that I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt suicidal but I knew that was never the option, I’ve survived so much personal hell, and hatred that could kill thousands of human beings and yet I’m still here. I’m still writing my super awesome blogs and I’m just glad that I’m still alive and that I didn’t sacrifice myself to ease the pain. Over the past few months I’ve made many adjustments to make myself happy, and it’s been a long road and I’ve finally gotten rid of that depression. I stumbled across one of the most depressing pieces of writing that my depressed self wrote and I wrote something that I would write now. It’s amazing to see the contrast of who I am now, and who I used to be.

I just placed my heart on paper.

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The Radical Concept of eSports Against Conservative Perspectives

I was really happy when I won an online 6-round StarCraft II Gold League Tournament, I clenched my fists, my pointy ears fluttered and I yelled out “Yes!” feeling very satisfied with my performance. As soon as I told my parents about it, they look at me with disappointment rather than congratulate me for doing well. They instead told me to not play so much computer games, and voiced their concern about me being a game addict. They’d rather have me do photography, play a musical instrument, outdoor sport, socialize or some “productive hobby” instead. All they ever see in eSports is that it’s just a game for wasting time when you have nothing better to do. It’s frustrating that I support their hobbies, and they don’t accept my competitive gaming as a sport. To them, eSports is joke of a concept and games are just games.

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Composing a List is NOT the Only Way of Writing a Decent Article

These days I’m always running into lists often written by people who don’t know how to write a proper essay and instead they take the laziest and easiest approach possible – write lists. These articles have the advantage of being concise while also being dead easy to write, so that’s probably the reason why they’re so damn popular for many amateur bloggers and content creators. While they’re easy to read and write, they also come with many limitations that you want to avoid as a writer. Personally I’ve actually written them myself when I first started blogging however after reading through many of them written by others I can see that these articles are not very engaging to the reader. When writing amazing articles you want people to read, you can’t afford to take cheap shortcuts like these like all the other mere sheep in the huge flock. You have to find your voice that stands out from the crowd, and that my dear readers, is the polish your articles need to make them truly shine.

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Sorarin’s Tips to Building Better Buildings in Minecraft (Part 1 – Preparation and Basics)

Among my cricle of friends who play Minecraft, I’m the most creative and artistic out of all of them. My friends could only dream of what I can build despite the fact many of the techniques and tricks I use are rather simple and straight forward. It’s actually not that difficult to learn how to build creatively in Minecraft, with a little practice, inspiration, experimenting and time, anyone can build from a decent looking house in a matter of minutes to an elaborate city within months of dedication. When building for the first time we all have to start somewhere and to get you started, I’m going to show you how I go about building my voxelated architectural wonders.

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