Ranting about Zeroes of the Calm in Heroes of the Storm (Part 3 – Hero League Heretics)

So you finally gotten at least 10 heroes and rushed up all the way to Level 30 and above so you can play Ranked games in hopes of climbing the ladder up to the higher Ranks. Then comes the disappointment when you’re playing with other players who still don’t understand how the game works. There are many Hero League specific mistakes which are always being made, and jerks ruining the fun for everyone. From being unprepared to screwing up the drafting process, I’ve been through many games that make me just wish that there’s a team vote for “concede” button so I don’t have to withstand the long and drawn out defeat from the get go.

Let’s start off with what should’ve been done before you play ranked because this is where things get irritating. Everyone should play all the classes at least a few times, to get a broader perspective and basic understanding on how to play with and against certain heroes. It’s fine to favour playing a certain class over another one, and even have heroes who are your favourites to play but what’s not acceptable for Hero League is playing ONLY the heroes you like. There will be many times that someone will pick your favourite heroes before you do, and sometimes the team needs you to play a hero you might not like. There was one time, in drafting, the entire team has finished picking the heroes they want to play and we needed a healer, then the last player on our team told us that they didn’t have any support heroes and all they had were Assassins and Warriors. You should have at least 2 each type of hero before you even begin to play ranked because you won’t be able to play your favourite roles all the time, and if you’re caught without the certain hero type your team needs, then the match is potentially over before it even begins.

When drafting, the team should pick at least 1 Warrior, 1 Assassin, and 1 Support. Drafting can easily make or break your chance for victory and should be taken seriously if you want to have a great time clashing with the other team and not get pub-stomped by hard counters. When people ask for a tank which basically means “Warrior” in Heroes of the Storm terms, please pick a fucking Warrior hero and not Sgt. Hammer who is a bloody specialist character. We, your team mates don’t care if you find this really old and lame joke funny, just laugh at it at your own expense rather than the expense of others. It’s even worse if you’re the last person to pick and the team does not have a warrior, and this is when for the next half an hour, it will be utter torture. Please don’t be a cunt putting your team through that.

During Drafting there are plenty of factors to consider in order to make a solid hero pick and the way you’re going to play against the other team. Too many times I see people picking heroes because they have certain powerful builds or synergies that they like without considering the situation they are playing in. You have to consider the heroes that have been picked, and the maps being played on and there’s no room to be adamant about your choices. Each map will have a different set of requirements for your hero composition, so please pick accordingly. For example, in “Haunted Mines”, “Tomb of the Spider Queen” “Infernal Shrines”, heroes with AoE spells such as Jaina and Kael’thas excel because you have to clear large groups of minions quickly and efficiently in order to gain an advantage over the opposing team. If the opposing team has a hero that can counter the hero you want to pick and/or your team already has similar heroes, then you might have to reconsider. In otherwords a good team composition is one that suits the map, is resilient enough to be not outright hard countered by the opposing team, and is flexible enough to handle many situations thrown at it.

In Hero League where rank points are at stake, too many players often get overly competitive and be over-critical of their team mates. These people are called “Elitists” and they say quotes like “Don’t play Hero League” or “Uninstall the game” which are simply unacceptable as not only do they not contribute to the team winning, they are downright disrespectful to the game and the developers’ wishes. Many people play Hero League even when they are not very skilled because they want to play with more consistent and less chaotic team compositions than they can acquire in Quick Match. Quick Match can often leave a team without certain essential heroes which can make for very frustrating matches. Telling people to not play Hero League and being overly harsh towards your team mate without being considerate towards their situation is very poor sportsmanship. Players should have the freedom to play Hero League, and no one else should have a say in that; telling people to quit the game is a surefire way to kill it when this negativity becomes rampant. Why else do you think every game developer tries to minimize player toxicity?

Not every unskilled player will insult you, so please instead of being a cunt towards them, nurture them. Encourage them to improve by giving them tips and tricks that will turn them into better players. Positive motivation works far better than negative motivation simply because everyone likes being praised and put-downs and insults will piss everyone off. If you want your team to listen to your advice, you have to get them to like you by being kind, clear and concise without having to resort to verbal violence. Even if you hate that person, you should still maintain your upmost respect at all times, if you can’t say it straight to their face in real life without being beaten up, don’t say it to them in game. Consider this, the more you hate someone the less likely you will take them seriously and so any attempts at communication and understanding will ultimately fail resulting in loss of games. Heroes of the Storm is purely a team-oriented game and keeping your team happy will in turn make the game less infuriating to you and other people. Think of it as making the community more skillful one player at a time, and if the skilled players had the patience to tackle the problem by giving simple tips on how to play better instead of blatantly telling players to “piss off” then the community will be a brighter and happier place rather than an unwelcoming toxic wasteland.

With so many heroes to pick, it is important to have knowledge of every hero and to pick the right hero for your team which may not be a hero you normally play. Heroes of the Storm has a plethora of new strategies and mechanics to explore in each hero, and you should always seek every opportunity to explore them.

I want to see you all drafting your heroes better, in the the Nexus.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

~Hayashi Sora (林空)


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