Ranting about Zeroes of the Calm in Heroes of the Storm (Part 2 – Stop Making these Painful Mistakes )

In every game in which you have to deal with players who consistently drag the team down, and your Ranking, you will see these players constantly making the same beginner mistakes over and over again. It’s frustrating to coordinate players who do not know what they are not meant to do and what they are supposed to do. Too often do I have to be a damned broken-tape recorder saying the same thing over and over again to try and drill into their thick skulls, and cross my fingers hoping that they will listen. In Quick match, it’s somewhat forgivable because that’s where there are lots of beginner players. However, there should be no excuse for making these beginner mistakes in Hero league, because by the time you are able to play ranked, you should have at least a basic understanding of how the game works.

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Scrapping Mechazod into REKT-azod in Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

I’ve always wondered if there could be 2v2 battles where you can pair up with another player to battle another pair. Although the “Unite against Mechazod” Tavern brawl isn’t exactly a PvP 2v2 game mode, but it’s an epic PvE 2 players vs Boss battle, but I still liked the 2 player cooperating aspect of it. There’s definitely a lot of replay value which I find lacking in many of the previous tavern brawls because once you defeat Mechazod, you might as well try it with another friend. I’m a bit disappointed but I just can’t help but ask, can we please have a heroic mode? Pretty please, Blizzard-senpai!

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Monthly Log Blog 2 (October 2015) – My New Notebook and Dealing with Wrist Pain

This October for me was month was a bumpy ride because I strained my left wrist while playing StarCraft II on a cold day without warming it up and stretching. I couldn’t type as much as I wanted to and so had to delay or skip some weeks of writing and even this log blog had to be delayed and as a blog writer, you want your hands to be in tip top condition otherwise you won’t be able to type anything. It didn’t get to the point where I felt like my hands were so painful that they might fall off but fortunately I was able to recover. It was the first time I’ve ever strained my wrist, and I really don’t want it to happen again. On another note, I didn’t have a notebook to keep track of all my ideas, and as a blog writer I really should have one.

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