Rants for the Zeroes of the Calm in Heroes of the Storm (Part 1 – Respect and Communication)

Heroes of the Storm is enjoyed by many, however everyday there’s always that one player who ruins your entire experience. If you’ve ever played any 1v1 competitive online game, there’s a fair number of players who really like giving others a hard time and you don’t really have to care because they’re simply your opponent. In Heroes of the Storm however, if there’s at least one player who doesn’t cooperate, the game will head straight south. Players like these don’t understand the gravity of their inappropriate behaviour and games that could’ve been possible to win simply become grinds to see how quickly your team loses. Does it really have to be that way? How can we best deal with problem childs and toxic players?

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Boruto: Naruto the Movie – Celebrating Naruto’s Birthday DATTEBAYO!

After “The Last: Naruto the Movie”, we thought there wasn’t going to be another one but then Masashi Kishimoto pulled a Final Fantasy move on us and announced the release “Boruto: Naruto the Movie”. So being a long time fan, I wasn’t going to sit by miss the opportunity to watch it on the big screen especially when there’s a special screening on the 10th of October, Naruto’s birthday. They handed out movie promotional posters and an awesome cardboard Konoha shinobi forehead protector with Naruto’s spiky hair on it. The entire theater was packed full of fans, and I could not wait for it to begin, DATTEBAYO!!!

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Feasting my eyes (and body) on Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma – Anime Taste Test

I didn’t know about Shokugeki no Soma until I saw a short clip of it popped up on my Facebook feed and only began watching it after many weeks have already past since the airing of the first episode. The clip showed a roasted dish wrapped in bacon cooked with a busty lady, 2 random muscular “FBI agents” and a fat one, all excited to have a taste. It ended up with a surreal scene with meat juices splashing all over their naked bodies and all I could think at the time was “WTF?!” I became quite curious about the Anime and decided to dig in, and ended up gobbling up the entire series. It was quite a feast and thankfully the clothes I’m wearing did not explode and leave me naked.


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