Getting Motivated and Learning from Danny Choo

At the SMASH! Anime Convention 2015, I decided to have a look at Danny Choo’s panels and what started as a simple curiosity for the smart dolls he manufactures to him defacing my Saturday pass and ended up with me wanting to know more about how him as a blogger. I’m just a hobby blog writer, so I simply write for fun and to share my thoughts to the world thus attending his panels were a great inspiration for me. He showed the audience the humble beginnings of his blog and how it gradually evolved into the famous blog it is today.

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Partying Hard at the AnimeSydney Band Night

Featured image is taken by Chris Kuan

A week later from SMASH! Anime Convention and the I Love Anisong concert and I’m still getting back into the rhythm of things. AnimeSydney, the conglomerate organisation of different Anime clubs and societies from various universities had organised a band night at UTS where 2 AnimeSydney supported bands played various of their favourite songs. There’s the fairly recently formed UNIKON still rough around the edges and formerly known as the “AnimeSydney Band”, it’s the rock band that turns it up to 11 everytime they get rolling on stage, known as HYPER OATS. I’ve been to the first band night last year and they really pulled it off, but did they pull it off this time around in 2015? Continue reading

My Awesome Time at SMASH! Anime Convention 2015 (Day 1)

I’ve been going to SMASH! Anime Convention every year, and I personally like the atmosphere and seeing everyone’s inner artist or actor through their cosplay and propmaking. This year was extra special as there were many well-known guests from Japan and also there’s the I Love Anisong concert in the evening which was a lot of fun. I spoke with lots of strangers and had fun getting to know them, whether it’d be their favourite anime or cosplay, propmaking or even how Levi and Eren is the OTP of all OTP. SMASH! is the place where everyone comes in to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences, not just a place to buy merchandise or be depressed because the poster you wanted isn’t in your budget, no it’s far from it, there’s much more to SMASH! than coming for the panels, buying stuff from the stalls or entering the competitions.

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