The Raising Fighting Spirit for Naruto the Last – My Impressions of the Movie.


Before I get into the movie, please listen to my ramblings. Like many people, I grew up with Naruto, he has always been a part of my life. One day during primary school I was introduced by my dearest elder sister to Naruto and have been following him since. I’ve enjoyed the anime but the fillers in Naruto Shippuden were a pain to slog through so I just stopped and enjoyed the manga through to the end. The story taught me no matter how hard it takes, no matter how you break, as long as you stand back up and endure everything that is thrown straight at you, you will become strong, you must keep working hard and never ever dare to give up. Let me say that again, NEVER GIVE UP. Through watching his struggles through the toughest situations gave me strength to conquer the all the challenges to face that are thrown my way, but even though I’m not so successful, like Naruto I will never lose sight of what’s important. Why? Because that’s my Ninja way, you better believe it! DATTEBAYO!!! Continue reading