Sword Art Online II – Haiji’s Deduction on how Death Gun kills his targets

WARNING – This article contains spoilers and speculation which may ruin your experience of Sword Art Online and its second series which is currently airing at time of posting. Please read at your own risk.

Hello there my dear reader! I’m Haiji Onii-san, detective! (Shout out to Detective Conan a.k.a. Cased Closed)

Now that the 9th Episode of Sword Art Online II has been released, we see Kirito and Sinon in action again. I’m actually enjoying this anime much more than the first series despite Kirito being OP and a smooth as fuck ladykiller and Sinon slowly becoming a girl with the mental consistency of jelly. For all you people who haven’t watched SAO, or are still watching the first series, stop what you’re doing and head straight to SAO2, you don’t need to watch it there are just a few details you need to keep in mind.

  1. Kirito kills 2 people in SAO, they’re from the Player Killing clan.
  2. Yes, Kirito and his gang survived SAO and so did other people
  3. Asuna was rescued from  Mr Doctor Evil Lord Count Butterfly
  4. Kirito has a little sister with big boobs and a brother complex, named Suguha and her IGN is Leafa.
  5. Leafa is a blonde green elf swordsman, nuff said.

Other than these points there’s not a whole lot you need to know from the first series to watch SAO2. Well I’m getting off track, so let me share with you my thoughts on how Death Gun kills his targets. There is always only one truth!

1. The AmuSphere’s Safety

Given the SAO incident, the AmuSphere is a completely different virtual reality headset than the Nervegear. The microwave output is much weaker so that it won’t fry the user’s brain, the internal battery has less capacity, and there are many other safety features. We can safely assume that these features do indeed work, and there isn’t a defect in the system. Put simply, it is fundamentally impossible for the AmuSphere to kill anyone so we can rule out an SAO like situation.

Given that all NerveGears have been seized by the government and all if not most of the virtual reality headsets are replaced by AmuSpheres or similar devices which are also incapable of killing the player, Death Gun can’t kill them through their internet connection so he must somehow do it real life. Now the question is how?

2. Gun Gale Online is an eSport

In order to kill someone in real life, you need to know where they actually are. For starters in GGO, you can earn money by playing the in game tournaments and competitions so in order for you to receive the money and prizes, you need to set up your personal details somewhere. Whether you can use a proxy such as Paypal or directly use your credit/debit card or some other payment system, you still have to hand in your personal details.

In order to get this information, Death Gun must have hacked into the game databases. He wouldn’t have done it through IP address tracing as you can only find the approximate location of the player using this method, and their internet service provider. A side-note if the player uses a proxy this method will fail completely, and assuming that the internet in the modern future is fast enough to warrant the use of proxies for gaming, IP tracing is very unreliable.

Servers will keep track of the times the players log in and log out. Through this player log you can also find the times that the player is most likely to be logged into the game in order to carry out the murder. So it is very likely Death Gun is a hacker in close proximity to his victims, and he can pinpoint their exact locations and times they will be online.

3. Cause of Death

Given that XeXeeD died of an acute heart failure, there are no fatal physical injuries and XeXeeD should be a person in good health, So the acute heart failure was not a natural cause of death, it must have been caused by something or someone. A hitman or a drone setup in his room to administer an electric shock to stop the heart at the exact moment Death Gun shot him in game is a possibly however, these methods are inefficient.


Let’s hope he isn’t a some random shitty script kiddie.

Death Gun would have to keep paying the Hitman to have to continue to kill his targets, and setting up a drone would mean he would have to go back and collect it before the police arrive and discover it. Death Gun doesn’t want to take that risk of being found out and he wants to minimize his presence to eliminate unnecessary opportunities for any witnesses so he only targets players who live alone. The killing must be something that he can perform while away from the player.

We have all the details, and I can see how it works. Only one truth prevails!


With all the evidence gathered from the anime, I have come to a conclusion that the most likely method of killing is a well calculated dose of slow-acting poison. Death Gun only needs to enter the player’s house once to administer the lethal dose that will lead to the player’s doom. Then all he needs to do is make sure he can shoot the player in game to complete the illusion of a virtual bullet causing a real life death.

So now you may be wondering, how will Death Gun know the exact dose of slow-acting poison? Well, it’s quite simple, given how the virtual reality headsets work, they user’s body characteristics are taken into account during calibration and this data can be obtained by hacking into the user’s own headset or quite possibly the game server so that it can create an avatar that the user can easily control. From this data, it is plausible to actually calculate a dose of poison that will kill the player at a certain given point in time.

Therefore, Death Gun kills his targets through administering a slow-acting poison on his victim’s body, and then he goes about creating an illusion of a virtual bullet shot from a virtual gun killing a real person in real life.


Kiriko best girl.

So there you have it, the method that Death gun kills his victims. Now I’m thinking that this series is just very predictable. Also given how Sinon’s shooting is unplanned and how thick the plot armour in this anime is, she won’t die in next week’s episode.

Don’t worry. =^o wo^= /

Good Luck, Have Fun!

– Haiji Onii-san