Cheating your way to victory ruins Online Gaming

Every game has legitimate ways to play it which means you’ll be completing challenges and feeling the satisfaction of winning at the game because it is your own skills and abilities that earned you the victory. Nothing beats the feeling of finally being able to beat another player ranked higher than you, or defeating that boss you’ve been trying to kill after countless attempts. However, not everyone feels the same way about gaming, these people use hacks, or cheating software to accomplish their goals in the game to the detriment of themselves and the community which brings me to the topic at hand.

Cheating your way to victory is complete bullshit.

The Flawed Reasoning behind Cheating

The main reason why people cheat is that the challenges in the game is too difficult for them to accomplish or that the game takes too much effort to play so to solve that problem they resort to cheating. Cheating is an easy short-cut to achieving your goals, so what’s the actual problem here? Firstly, you don’t actually lose anything, and secondly you get your rewards faster. There shouldn’t be any problem since that the more rewards you get, the happier you’ll be. So we shouldn’t worry about people cheating in games, right?

Not so fast there, that mindset cheaters have are completely bunk. While you will feel happy for finally being able to see what happens when you finish a level, the gratification is instant and it will be short lived. When you cheat, you don’t use your own skills and abilities to win, you’re actually using somebody else’s. Is there any point of playing the game in the first place if you’re not going to actually use your skills and abilities or even put in the effort to win? Actually let me put it this way, why do you play games? If your idea of playing games is to have fun, and by fun it is to win all the time at any cost then you’re missing the point entirely.

Games are fun if you accept the challenges it gives you, then you as the player overcomes those challenges with your own skills and abilities. If challenge is too hard, you can get a friend to help you by giving you tips so you can still have a go at playing the game, but what if you have a game where everything is so easy that even somebody who hasn’t even moved up from the 2nd grade can do it? Do you really think a game this easy is worth playing? All I’m trying to say, is that cheats turn challenges into mush, rendering the game not fun.

One of my friends hacked a game so hard he unlocked everything he wanted in the game. He hasn’t touched the game since. – A random friend.

Cheating in MMOs

In MMO’s, grinding is a bitch to do, no doubt about it. One hell of a shit tonne of unnecessary hard labour to get that one thing in the game is annoying as fuck. In this case I can sympathize with those people who use bots to do all of that for them, as repetitive tasks like these bore the hell out of the player however, I can never justify their methods. On the other hand, what about the people who actually put in the time and effort to develop their skills, trade up to earn the in game cash, and spent countless dungeon crawls getting the rare item they always wanted? All of the blood, sweat and tears they’ve invested in the game will all be for naught.

Botting is one huge bird flipping to those who actually legitimately played the game. One prime example of this is that bots will accumulate rare items, and then they’ll sell the items for very low prices, and it makes these items too easily accessible, thus lowering causing a huge price drop. This makes it harder for players to gain profit, and when it gets too hard to make money they’ll just give up. Not to mention when all the rare items are so cheap, why even bother? The in game economy will become very stagnant which is detrimental to the game’s community.

Cheating in Competitive Gaming

In competitive games, where things tend to get very heated and for an inexperienced player the amount of skill they need to acquire is staggering. To improve your skills by being through your undying dedication to the game is what makes the game fun. That satisfying feeling of being able to beat a player who is better than you in terms of skill level after a intense game, and trying out many other legitimate strategies to employ to secure your victory is what makes the game fun. These games, encourage you to improve yourself to play the game better, and then comes along a cheater who shits on all that.

I shot you from above when you least expected! XD – Haiji Onii-san
Well, fuck you man! Good one! – PiG

You can’t have good times like these if you cheat.

Think about it, being insulted by a high ranking player isn’t all that bad, you were never all that great anyway so you’ll just have to get better. However, being humiliated by a nobody who can’t play  properly? That’s downright complete ass.  To a competitive gamer, losing is a huge deal, they will review their games to see what they did wrong, what could be improved, etc. The extents they go through is very painful, and to achieve a rightful spot in high up in the rankings is what they strive for. Meeting somebody who shits on the system and doesn’t want to follow the  rules of the game will aggravate a competitive gamer to no end.

The frustration of losing all the time will potentially kill the competitive spirit of the gamer, add cheating scrubs to act as a catalyst that effect, and the highly skilled players will start leaving in droves. Why would you even bother when the game isn’t fun anymore when all those cheaters run rampant in the game?

There’s also one last consideration to note, can you trust the people who make the cheating software and hacks? You might end up losing money to fraudulent transactions, having your computer infected with malware, and your account banned permanently from the game even if they promise that the cheating software is virtually undetectable. Do you really think it’s worth the risk? Hell the fuck no.


Not all cheaters are assholes, however the cheaters who don’t give a fuck about what others think or feel are frankly are even worse than the worst kind of people you’ll ever meet in online gaming. They literally use cheating as a way to cause grief just to satisfy their thirst of feeling dominating and powerful just to fuel their bloated personalities. A person who doesn’t give a shit about others and hurts others for their own self-gain is the most despicable type of  person, it’s the fastest way a person can lose friends. It’s not cool to wreck things other people  worked hard for.

In recent news we have heard that Blizzard Entertainment is suing the hackers for selling StarCraft II cheats. This is because they know the ramifications of cheating in their games, and they actually do give a fuck when somebody is destroying what they’ve created. There’s a reason why online gaming companies implement anti-bot, and anti-cheating measures to their games, they want to preserve their game’s entertainment value so that everyone can have fun and not just a select few who use cheats.

That is all I have to say about cheating for now.

Good Luck, Have Fun.

-Haiji Onii-san


The changes to Hearthstone that Blizzard needs to make

After playing Hearthstone for a few weeks and registering over 200 wins and countless losses. I’ve noticed a few bugs with the game which haven’t been addressed, and some minor inconveniences that could be easily fixed. I won’t go through the balance issues the game currently has, however I will go through the annoyances I encounter when I play the game. There are also some features that are not present however it will improve the game and hopefully Blizzard will implement them in the future. Here are the changes to Hearthstone that Blizzard needs to make.

Bugs and Glitches

When you disconnect from the game, and reconnect you’ll notice that the in-game name of you and your opponent is to “UNKNOWN” instead of reverting back to the usernames. This issue doesn’t appear in StarCraft II, so why should it appear in Hearthstone? This bug really needs to be addressed. A few bugs that occur when you’re in game such as the mysterious card that the opponent seemingly just holds out in front, and occasionally it might return to the hand and the End turn button will still be visible on your turn if you click it too early. I once  had a problem in which that it  was my turn and yet I couldn’t make a move and I had to wait until my turn timed out and my opponent to have their turn before I could make any moves. While these bugs are not particularly game breaking, they still need to be fixed.


It’s my turn and the opponent is still holding the card in my face.


Dude, what the heck?


I ended my turn and the end turn button is still displaying.

While not really a bug, all the screenshots are saved to the desktop, which is annoying to clean up after you’re done snapping away at all your epic plays and epic fails. There should be an option to have the screenshots saved in a folder at a certain directory on your computer so that you can dump all of it there and don’t have to worry about filling up your desktop and having to move them every time.

Social features

The only way to communicate is to use the preset quotes of your hero and the private chat. Given that the number of quotes are quite limited, it’s also not a viable method of communication. The only people you can chat to is with your friends, however it’s quite a hassle to bring up the textbox. There needs to be a chat feature and not just personal messaging.

A few other features would be to ability to form groups, parties and clans. If you want to organize a tournament having to manually talk to everyone one at a time is inconvenient, so if you could have everyone join a group then it would help greatly. You could have temporary groups for certain events or have the group be a permanent chat channel for like-minded individuals.  A clan would be a specialized group, once you join you have a clan tag beside your name and you have the features a clan would have.

There also should be a way to observe a match that is taking place. Playing the game is quite fun, but watching somebody play live is also very enjoyable in itself. By forming a party, you can get 2 people to battle it out while the other people in the party watch. We could see more of the cool strategies other people use and talk about how one of the players got wrecked. Hell yeah.

Deck Customization Features

The 9 slots is already suffice for players who main a few classes, however what if I want to play all of them? I’ll have only 1 slot per class, but if I have a friend who isn’t as skilled as I am, I won’t be able to verse him/her without modifying a pre-existing deck and then changing it back after I’m done. Sure I could use the basic deck however, even that deck can be too weak at times. If there were more slots, at least 3 slots per class making it a total of 18 slots then that would be more convenient. A few other useful features would be

  • The option to resize the cards on each page so you can display more or less cards on one page
  • The ability to mark the cards you use often so that they appear on the front page for easy access.
  • Display the Minion/Spell ratio of the deck so you can easily keep count.

Deck building could easily be more fun if Blizzard makes some slight changes.

PvP/eSport related features

Currently in the game there isn’t a way to randomly select a deck and it would be quite nice if Blizzard added it to the game. Sometimes you just don’t want to decide what class or deck to play so you let the game choose for you. You could set which decks you want to include in the random selection pool, and then when you play just fire away.

There aren’t many stats such as your win/loss ratio against certain classes, your previous rankings aren’t displayed anywhere, whenever you win 3 games, you get 10 gold but the only way to know where you’re up to is to play a game to the end. The more detailed the information there is available the easier it is to accurately keep track of your skill level, strengths and weaknesses.

A replay feature would be a great way to share your games, go through your mistakes and find ways to improve your gameplay. The replay could be played step by step, turn by turn or possibly advancing at the pace the exact amount of time each player takes to make their moves if you choose. When the game is playing, you can view both players’ hands or take the perspective of one player. Replays are an important part of eSports as studying them will help players become more skillful at the game.


Screenshots don’t tell the entire story. Especially this one in which I almost got run over by all those minions.

Other features the I personally want to see happen

The features in this list are what I personally want to see however they may not happen.

  • Joining a clan could have benefits such as free monthly booster packs or slightly elevated gold and/or experience earnings.
  • Save one deck to your mobile device, and carry it with you so you can go up against other people offline. (Just in case a wild Hearthstone player appears)
  • Character portraits that you can change such as Drunken Garrosh, Uther Marine, Nova Jaina, Happy Reaper Thrall, Infested Hunter etc.

With all that said, I wish Blizzard all the best in improving Hearthstone.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

– Haiji Onii-san

Playing Anime Music on a Piano is awesome!

If you ask me personally what I think playing the piano is. It’s having your hands dance on the keys to make music and by doing so you can convey your emotions and how the music you’re playing makes you feel. While I’m not very good playing the piano myself, I just like randomly playing around with key compositions and see what sounds good. Another thing I like to do with the piano, is that I like to practice playing songs from anime on it however my time taken up by either studying, sleeping, admiring senpai from a distance, doing other extracurricular activities, and gaming I only know how to play a few songs.

Just over a year ago I began recording some of the stuff I play on Piano and decided to allocate more time to practice. I have a soundcloud account and occasionally upload a recording (some with mistakes that I never notice) which you can find here. I don’t have a good microphone so I just rely on using the one on my laptop and remove the background noise with Audacity.

I’ve never been to grading so I’m more or less a casual player given that when was a kid, I didn’t like taking those boring piano lessons. I still remember how to read sheet music, and to me reading those notes is like riding a bike. I never actually liked how my piano teacher decided what I should learn to play on the piano so naturally I quit. From then on, I played the songs that I wanted to play which were mainly anime songs, I never fully gave up on playing the piano. The thing is being able to play a musical instrument is a skill you should never ever let go of, even if you stop playing for a long time, eventually it’s quite refreshing to come back and make music with your fingers once in a while.

I’ve seen many people who just simply admire the people who play music and never actually try to do it themselves. If playing a musical instrument is not your thing then you might want to try singing the songs instead. If the idea of playing a musical instrument seems daunting to you yet you still want to learn, no worry, playing the piano (or an electric keyboard piano) is pretty simple to learn, and if that’s still too complicated for you, you could start out with a recorder or a ocarina. Just try, and don’t feel bad if everything doesn’t sound good, even the greatest musicians started off horrible.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – A wise old guy once said.

The main reason why I think people don’t play musical instruments is that they think it’s impossible however let me tell you that learning to play a musical instrument is perfectly possible, you just need to put some effort in. Start off small and practice some simple songs and the tunes of nursery rhymes. When you get better you should stop playing music that you think people will like, and start playing the music that you like. Take criticism make small adjustments and keep practicing and eventually you’ll be itching to perform it in front of other people. I once played “Chase the World” the opening to Accel World in front of a crowd and was met with a round of applause.


I really wanted to play on this “Enlightening Piano” at Vivid light festival and I was dripping with anticipation.

But wait a sec, how do you read sheet music and where do you get them?

Well in this day and age, you can find tutorials on the internet on how to read sheet music, and also the music sheets are also free if you know where  to look. Mostly just go on Youtube  and Google and type in the song you want to play and the musical instrument you want to play it on. There are also tutorials on how to play the songs on piano using a software called Synthesia if that’s what you want however I would still highly recommend learning to read the notes yourself because you don’t have to rely on replaying a certain section of a video instead you can just interpret them off a piece of paper or even an iPad or Android tablet.

As most of the sheet music that you find will be transcribed by a fan of the series who also happens to play an instrument. At times when a song is not popular enough or it the genre of the music doesn’t really fit on any of the musical instruments, you may not find the sheet music for it. Which is unfortunate, however if you still want to play it then you can try learning how to do transcriptions yourself. This basically means listening to the song and re-composing it into sheet music manually, however the process is not perfect so many people have their own interpretations of a song and there will be different versions of sheet music for each individual song. Occasionally you may find the official composition by the original artist who composed the song however that’s highly unlikely.

Personally I never learnt to transcribe or compose so it was quite a challenge when I wanted too play “Starboard” from “Last Exile : Fam, The Silver Wing”. Since I could only find the chords for singing, I had to compose the chords that I would play with my left hand. Here is the result after doing some research and playing around with what I thought sounds good.

I also made a second version to fix up some issues with the first version and also to add some “softer” emotions I wanted to portray.

The question is now, why is that playing anime songs on the piano is awesome? For one it gives you something to share with your friends, it’s something of a conversation starter whenever there’s a piano you can play, and two it’s a great way to enjoy your favourite music. Not only do you listen to the music, you can change things up a bit and make it your very own interpretation of the song. It’s the effort you put to perfect the song and make it unique that makes it a rewarding experience to play the anime songs you like on piano. I would like to extend this to include not just the piano, but other instruments as well.

Whenever I feel stressed out, I can play a really action packed song and release all that tension and it makes the song sound epic and when I feel relaxed and I play a soothing song, it makes the song sound really relaxing. Emotions and self-expression play a huge part of the music, it’s what I want to convey to the people who listen. Whenever I play, I try to picture what the music would look like if it were a picture, and also just let my feelings fly, and lose myself a bit when I play. Playing a musical instrument is more than just playing music on it, it’s a passion. I may not be as skillful of a pianist like the two famous pianists who play anime songs, Animenz and TehIshter, but that doesn’t matter, I play because I enjoy it.

I’m off to practice “Castle In The Sky” from “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

– Haiji Onii-san

The types of games that gamers love to hate

There are many games out there some good, some alright and others not so good, we all have our own preferences however there are some game producers who just don’t get the picture at all. Games are meant to be fun, and they do that by giving you some challenges that you will have to overcome in order to proceed to more difficult challenges. Challenges could be a boss, another player in a PvP game, or simply create something that you can share. There are no set rules on how to create a game, but there is one task every game is meant to do and that is to entertain the players. If a game fails to entertain the players or does something to irritate more than to entertain then the game will actually fail to do its job.

Here is the list of types of games that gamers love to hate.

Grinding Festivals

You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, erhmagerd, it dropped a rare wipcoxevup! You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. You kill a Savage Asifadon, get exp and minor loot. Ding! You level up! Quit the game, never come back.


Welcome to every kid’s first MMORPG. Grind your way to get that shiny rune armour and weaponry.

Grinding is a chore, and chores are boring. There are way too many MMORPG titles out there that don’t distinguish themselves enough particularly many of the Korean titles and often employ the same gameplay model from the beginning of time. You have to work to earn your dough so that you can make bread, and this Kill X number of said creature, Obtain X number of said items or just simply killing mobs to level up or to find a certain rare item are what makes a game a Grindfest.

Grinding is a mechanic that should either be severely mitigated or removed before the alpha stage of the game development. It’s utterly repetitive, and if some dishonest players resort to relying on illegal Chinese gold farmers. You know you have to fix that grinding issue in the game.

Lots of cleavage, Not a lot of gameplay

These games often promise a whole lot and they attract people through the excessive use of female characters in often impossibly skimpy outfits. Not only are these outfits are often seen as lewd, and impractical should they be used in real life. If you can look past the attractive and highly stylised female characters often with supermodel bodies, and absurd bust sizes you wish you didn’t sign up for the game in the first place. The game to be blatantly frank, is a waste your life span and you should demand a life time extension for amount of your time the game producers wasted.



While a whole lot has been invested in the games, the game producers just assume that the gamer population consist of just males and that there are no girls on the internet so that it means to attract an all male audience you just need to invest 95% of the resources into overly pretty artwork, graphics, and possibly voice acting to portray a bunch of lewd female characters and only 5% developing the game itself. This is an exaggeration however the point here is that with all those resources spent on attracting an audience, the game won’t be worth playing at all. It’s mostly just there to show off some skin, cleavage and possibly nudity, except that all of these are virtual.

The game producers who employ this strategy are in their own little world, and are a bunch of juveniles. Game producers who make games like these who proclaim that their games are for “mature” audiences yet the game concept itself from the start of everything that is immature and nothing is actually mature about it. These people need to seriously grow up and make games that they can show to their own mothers.

The Pay to Win Business model

Having trouble clearing a level? Perhaps you want an easier way to beat that boss? Look no further, there’s an in game store that contains all the items you need to win. Pay only $3 for a set of 5 Ultra-potions that will fully heal you every time in combat! Why not also buy the Deluxe Armour of PAZXICOV? It’s yours for $50!!! Never lose a battle again! You know what, forget all that and just quit the game. All of this pay real money to make the game easier to play is complete bullshit.


Many games on facebook are often pay to win.

Games are meant to challenge you, and if the game needs you to buy certain items to make the game easier then it just defeats the purpose of playing the game in the first place. You don’t need any skill to win, just spend as much money as possible, make the game developers rich and get your wallet and bank account to have a personal vendetta against you.


Let me get this straight, you pay real money to have your crops grow fast and only to get rid of them and do the entire thing again?

There are too many problems to even describe in a few paragraphs so I’ll just list them here.

  • Who needs skill when you can just pay your way to victory?
  • There are often levels that are impossible to beat with the free resources which forces you to pay real money to win.
  • If the game is PvP, the entire game is a contest to see who can spend the most money in the game.
  • A Paid game without micro-transactions will actually cost less and be more fun.
  • Everything’s damn expensive, the game is practically a cash cow for game developers and a money trap for dumb gamers.
  • Combined with a chance based system, the game will be even more of a cash cow.

The incomplete game + Downloadable content

You buy a game, then you play it only to find out that the entire game has been split up into DLC meaning if you want the full experience, you have to pay extra. It’s even worse if the copy of the game you buy requires you to buy the DLC to actually complete the game. You can justify having an expansion pack every few years just to breathe new life to an old game, however releasing the game incomplete and having the players buy the DLC? That’s annoying, and when you take into account that when the game is first released it is full-price and also factoring in that the DLC can cost the as much as the game itself means you’re practically paying up to double the amount for a full game. You just can’t justify selling a fraction of a game and have the players buy the rest of the game online.


Hell the fuck no.

Overly stringent Digital Rights Management

We get that piracy is a huge deal to you, however at the end of the day if your game is pirated it many times, in a way it means that your game is worth playing. We do understand that game developers have to earn money and have mouths to feed however when DRM gets too secure that it gets in the way of the gameplay then it’s mostly just a battle between the gamer and the fun police. A lot of the times the stringent  DRM will require you to do so many unnecessary security checks that it intrudes into your precious time and disrupts the entire experience of the game itself.


You’re X-boned.

One of the most aggravating DRM tactics is the requirement for your computer to stay online even when the game is a single player game. If I bought the game, then I should be able to play it anywhere I want. To make things worse is that some of us have horrible internet connections and to get to a save point is a race against time until the next lag spike or random disconnection. If you suddenly drop out of the game it means your progress will not be saved, and it’s a major hassle to do everything all over again.


Aww! C’MON!!! I was this close to the save point as well!!!


Whether it’s a balance issue, or a bug if the game has been broken, the people running it need to fix the damn thing by providing the necessary fixes to bugs, nerfing the overpowered, buffing the underpowered and don’t fix whatever is not broken. Expect to see a mass abandonment of the game when they don’t fix anything that’s wrong with the game. Sure you have games like Goat Simulator that are broken but that’s only because it is meant to be, however if the game is meant to not be broken, you have to fix the issues. End of story.


The biggest disaster to befall upon 2013.


We gamers would like to developers think more carefully about their decision to make a game and the decisions they make while designing it. If the goal is to earn as much money as possible then they should seriously reconsider making the game in the first place. The goal of a game developer is to entertain their target audience, and to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. It’s not only about earning money, game development is both an art and a passion. In my honest opinion, the best way to be successful in selling a game is to make a game that everyone will enjoy, and not a piece of software people would want to pay for.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

– Haiji Onii-san